About Rinskor™ Active

Dow AgroSciences is the worldwide leader in rice herbicides. Rinskor™ active is the newest in our broad portfolio of market-leading active ingredients, including penoxsulam (the active ingredient in commercial products like Fencer™, Viper™ and Grasp™ herbicides) and cyhalofop (the active ingredient in Clincher™ herbicide). Our formulations have been trusted over decades by rice farmers all over the world.

When farmers use the right product at the right time, they greatly improve their ability to deliver a plentiful, high quality crop. Rinskor is a highly effective herbicide that enables rice farmers to control important grass, broadleaf and sedge weeds on their farms.

  • Alternative mode of action for weed control in all types of rice and other cropping systems
  • Unique broad spectrum of control
  • Effective at low use rates
  • Consistent weed control across variable conditions and water management systems
  • May be safely used on all rice varieties and hybrids, including herbicide tolerant varieties
  • Rapidly degrades in soil and tolerant plant tissue
  • Demonstrates excellent environmental fate, toxicology, and ecotoxicology profiles

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