How It Works

Rinskor™ active represents the latest member of the arylpicolinate family of chemistry, a unique and new class of synthetic auxin chemistry within the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee’s Group O category. Chemical substitutions resulting in the addition of an aryl ring to the pyridine-carboxylate auxin molecules yielded a new compound with significantly increased herbicidal potency that paved the way for a completely new generation of lower-dose-rate, synthetic auxin herbicides.

Rinskor is a systemic post-emergence herbicide that is rapidly absorbed by plant foliage. In the plant’s cells, the herbicide mimics naturally occurring hormones by binding with specific auxin receptors in the cell’s nucleus. Within hours after application there is uncontrolled growth in treated plants which disrupts multiple plant processes causing a loss of normal growth function. Within hours to days, visual symptoms appear, leading to death in susceptible weed species within days to weeks after application.

The pattern and level of affinity of Rinskor to bind with specific receptors differentiates it from other synthetic auxin herbicides.

For more information, download our Chemical Properties document.